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1Text-Based User InterfacesSTATIC (Deep pretty printer)STATIC (Path extractor from stdin data)STATIC (Pure Go implementation of bsdiff/bspatch)STATIC (Delve debugger)STATIC (Linters aggregator)STATIC (GOPROXY protocol server)STATIC (STUN client)STATIC (STUN server)STATIC (Copy additional files to vendor directory)STATIC (Hjson utility)STATIC (JSON CLI processor)STATIC (Query and interact with the BitTorrent DHT)STATIC (Go security checker)STATIC (JSON CLI creator)STATIC (ZIM viewer)STATIC (What directories take much space)STATIC (Utility for querying documentation)STATIC (Web-based documentation)STATIC (go fmt with imports autofixing)STATIC (fmt.Stringer interface code generator)STATIC (LSP server)STATIC (Static checker)STATIC