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With friends: Friends

With Richard Stallman: Richard Stallman MSU Richard Stallman MEI

With Terminator in Korolev: Terminator 0 Terminator 1 Terminator 2 Terminator 3 Terminator 4 Terminator 5

In Iran. Mosque: Iran mosque

In Iran. Shiraz: Iran Shiraz

In Iran. Tehran: Iran Tehran

Salvador Dali’s museum, Spain: Dali museum

Thailand: Thailand

With Hodja Nasreddin’es statue: Hodja Nasreddin

On Victory Day celebrations at 2018: 9 May

Yuri Gagarin and Sergey Korolev memorial: Gagarin and Korolev

In Beirut, Lebanon: Beirut

Umayyad Mosque, Damascus, Syria: Umayyad

Near Opera House, Damascus, Syria: Damascus

Beautiful casket with Hezbollah and Syria flags: Casket from Syria

Bahchisarai, Crimea, Russia: Bahchisarai

Ritsa Lake, Abkhazia: Ritsa Lake Ritsa Lake

Olympic buildings, Sochi, Russia: Olympic Sochi

Sochi, Russia, 2019: Sochi

Roza Hutor, Adler region, Russia: Sochi Sochi

Sochi, Russia, 2021: Sochi Sochi Sochi Sochi Sochi Sochi Sochi Sochi Sochi

Ranch under Mozhaysk, Mozhaysk, Moscow region, Russia: Ranch Ranch Ranch

My cool SGI Tezro tshirt: Tezro tshirt

Bruce Schneier signatures: Schneier signature 1 Schneier signature 2

Richard Stallman’s business card (his signature can be seen on my PGP public key) and signed photograph: RMS card RMS signature

With Yuri Kuklachev’s signature: Kuklachev

My child painting/illustration to "Star adventures of Humi and Nikki" book: Numi and Nikki painting

My child painting of nuclear explosion: Painting of the bomb