Interactive fiction games

I played some interactive fiction games. Wish to play them much more, especially Infocom’s classic, but current progress sucks.

PhotopiaFinishedI liked it. It has no puzzles at all, just a story. Very short. Actually I hardly can call it the game, but just literally the slightly interactive... fiction book. Playtime, as far as I remember, only 10-15 minutes. It is mostly advised as a first IF game to try.
Lost PigFinishedThe game I can recommend as a first one to try. Just simple funny quest with great modern parser. Only half a dozen rooms. Playtime: half an hour.
ShadeFinishedSingle room. Starting just an ordinary simple quest. Finishing with a horror feeling. Creepy! Very cool, can recommend for the first time play! Playtime: less than 20 minutes.
Spider and WebFinishedUltimately cool game! Spying, high-tech devices, hiding, interrogation, time flashbacks and all that kind of stuff. Has some not hard puzzles, but currently it is the real game, not just a story. Playtime: two-three hours.
VioletFinishedSingle room. Dozens of puzzles. Very funny and unexpected ending. Very good game, very liked it! Playtime: an hour.
A Mind Forever VoyagingFinished first partIt is the game I am going to finish first in my queue. Very like its plot. Remember the map pretty good. Interested in what will be next in it.
TrinityI assume finished the quarterSolved some puzzles, draw a most of the map (I assume). I liked it. Will finish it someday without any doubts.
PlanetfallI assume finished the fifth partDraw big chunk of map, met the Floyd, liked it, liked the humour. Will finish it someday without any doubts!
AnchorheadStill at the beginningDraw a map with dozens of places, entered house, started exploring it, but currently that is all. Not sure that I had a satisfaction playing it. Probably I just did not reach the point of getting the interest in its doom world.