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Email is the only federative distributed communication system stayed widespread alive. In comparison, XMPP federated servers tend to require common CA trust-anchors, preventing servers with non-USA trust-anchors in communication.

Email is still the only convenient and powerful tool for discussions and serious communication efficient workflows. Unfortunately most people are not aware of that, because of shitty lame stupid awful MUAs, corporation tend to cram them with. Fortunately there is huge number of available free software written for over dozens of years. Written by people, for people, for making them work conveniently.

Email ecosystem and netiquette have non-trivial entry level indeed. There are many components involved: MTAs, MDAs, MUAs, possible MRAs, various mailbox formats, indexing engines, OpenPGP/LibrePGP integration questions and so on. But is is worth of all of that, when properly used.

HTML format is not proper usage. Burn in hell who use it. Top-posting is another damned thing Microsoft’s buggy software invented so far. Huge ecosystem corporations are not interested in having and providing good email user agents, because you (the user) won’t pay them if you are not using their closed incompatible solutions.

Currently there are much problems in running own email server. Actually it is not so hard, but dealing with several large providers like Google, Yandex, Outlook (that includes Hotmail), Yahoo – is a pain the ass. No problems with anyone other as a rule. My (and of thousands of another email servers) messages easily tend to get into spam directory on those servers.


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